Saturday, August 14, 2010

Granny tells BP: You did it, now you go clean it up

I saw you.  You did it.  Now you go clean it up.

Don't give any more excuses, like you didn't know either.  You were told the first time what could happen, but no.  You didn't listen.  Oh, no.  You think you know everything, don't you?  Don't even listen to your teachers.

No wonder you kept trying and trying and kept failing.  You didn't think, did you?.

So now you spilled it.  The oil is all over the place.  You tell me the oil is getting cleaned up.  You've got your little friends saying the same thing.  But that's just the surface stuff you got.  You got a long ways to go before you get this done and fixed.

Ugh, it's awful.  Just look at it.  And just look at yourself.

I've been checking, and you know what?  I can see it.  Everybody can see the oil when they look under stuff.  They can smell it too.  It's awful.  It's making people sick.

Get that smirk off your face.  You think I don't know? 

In my day here in Cloutierville  people wouldn't let you get away with it.   But I'm trying to talk sense into you, right now.

Stop lying, and don't think the rest of the people in the neighborhood don't know you spilled that oil all over the place.  It's into everything.  You are making people around here real mad, BP.

Now you stop lying to me and everybody else like you've been doing.  Like you're trying to lie your way out of here right now.

Your allowance isn't going to be enough either.  You're going to be paying for this for a long time.

Get busy and clean it up, right down as far as you can go.  Get on your knees if you have to.

Better ask God's forgiveness too, because you've hurt a lot of people.

You hear me?

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