Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birth certificate? Don't you worry, Barry

I can tell you're excited.  But slow down honey, I can't hear you when you're talking so fast.  They made her pay money because she was making fun and saying you weren't born in this country?

Where do they think you were born?  Africa?
So she got her comeuppance did she?   I'd take her whole allowance away, that's what I'd do.

Claiming you weren't born in this country.  Well, that was damn foolishishness anyway.  Some people won't believe something, even if they see it with their own eyes.  Well, I can't find my birth certificate either here in Cloutierville, and people around here know who I am.  I suspect people in Hawaii know who you are too.  And they got the evidence.

Besides I saw the picture of it in the paper.   Myrtle was there with Bud, before you got to be President in the first place.  The newspaper in Hawaii had it printed right on the front page.  They were sick and tired of the funny business.

Well, I'm sick and tired of it too.  There I was at your cradle in my own way, because Lord help us it was too much money for me to get way over there to Hawaii in them days.  But your other granny was there.  And she sent me the news from the paper then when they put your mama's name and all about her having you in the first place. 
I'm glad you took Granny's advice and stayed out of it.  Some people won't believe you no matter what you do. 

Now ---what did you say her name was?  Orly Taitz---Mmmm, now that one really sounds foreign to me.  And she has to pay money because she hurt your feelings?  Well, good for you, honey.  Nobody ought to be making fun of the President of the United States and doing stupid stuff to get attention.

With a name like Orly Taitz, I think I'll call around and see where she's from and make a fuss of that.  We can ask to see her birth certificate.   She sure ain't from around here.    Check with her husband, but thinking about how dumb his wife is, he might not know either.   Make her and all her friends prove it, then laugh and say they're wrong when they do.  That'll fix 'em.

Or we could wash her mouth out with soap for lying in the first place and send her to the woodshed.

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