Friday, August 20, 2010

Barry can go to church near the poke salad fields

 I sure wish Barry would join a church there in Washington, but he told me, “Granny, I can’t.    No matter what I do, someone will complain about it.”  Well, I sure wonder why anyone   would complain about Barry going to church.

I was thinking the other day that what he says makes sense.  But what doesn't make sense are people saying he doesn't like Jesus and that he isn't a Christian.  Guess all those years of going to church in Chicago just didn't make them believe anything either.  And they didn't like him for that.

Why he couldn’t be Episcopalian because Lord knows people complain about those gay people.

He’d have trouble being a Presbyterian too because these folks are thinking they might have gay people as pastors as long as they don't have any sex with someone like them.

Yeh, even the Lutherans have preachers who are gay.  Lots of people wouldn't like Barry if he signed up with them.

He couldn’t go to a Baptist Church where he lives, near the South, if it’s the Southern kind.  How could Michelle and him go off to that church when Michelle couldn't teach Sunday School except to the girls?  Besides Michelle has got a big mouth of her own, and can you imagine her shooting it off when they’ll preach at her about being obedient to her husband.  I can’t believe Michelle would be obedient to Barry just because he told her since she’s the one in charge of things at home.

How could he go to an all-black church?  Then they would think he had favorites.
How could he go to a mostly white church?  Then the other folks would think he had favorites.

I told Barry just drive on down here to Cloutierville where we can all say he went to church near the poke salad fields, where folks like him and me were eating years ago and no one will pay any attention.

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