Sunday, November 20, 2016

Granny worries about her babies after the election

"You are a real jerk. I don’t think you know anything about what you’re talking about and you are so stupid I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore." Millie is really angry and I can hear her shouting as I stand by my window today. I’m really worried about what’s going on. Ordinarily Millie is a happy-go-lucky kind of a person, and I’ve never heard her screaming like that.

"Now you get out of my yard and never come back here again. You aren't the kind of neighbor I want to have around.  You don’t know how to lose, and you probably never been a true American the way you talk if you can’t accept what happens with this election. You just have to suck it up."

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Granny's loving message: Listen to Creation's sounds to help a world in need

"Come sit with me, my child," I said.  Carrie looked up at me with her big brown eyes wet with tears, hearing about her Granny's family and how they were hurting now.  "What can I do?" that child had asked.  She had not turned away, and so it hurt her heart as if the people living with their pain were neighbors right next door.

"I know you feel so very bad, my dear one," this Granny knew this innocent one cared so much for these people, just as family should.  For Granny raises her babies to think like that, as everyone is brothers and sisters that we care about.  But this new hurt is something Granny needs to talk about for everyone right now., when Carrie asks, as others do, why the Man Upstairs don't stop the pain and why it happens in the first place.

"You see, my Carrie, the Man Upstairs, He does know everything.  He knows why we do things and why things happen as they do.  That's why this Granny talks ro Him every single day.  I sees Him in the flowers and the honey bees, the squirrels that climb the trees out in Granny's yard and in the faces of His creation, so beautiful to see.  But in that beauty there are changes, and sometimes there is things we all can do in little ways to keep His world alive and good just as He wants it so."

"In many books, in many ways that people think and learn and grow, the Man Upstairs will speak.  He speaks His words sometimes through folks who learn the things in life we need to know.  Just like in school are teachers, there are people who learn about the world and all its ways today and every day.  They share it with the rest of us, but sometimes we are like some of the children you tell Granny about that don't learn their lessons, make fun of their teachers and don't do their homework.  Cause we been told the weather all around the world, from Africa to places far across the ocean these people saw it comin'.  They told us to be careful and not hurt the world He made.  They didn't always say their messages came from The Man Upstairs, but that don't matter cause we learn in many, many ways. "

"One day, dear Carrie, you asked me why I folded all those bags and used them over and over again.  You wondered why I took some water from the sink and washed out cans like that, then stepped on them to make them flat and not take up so much room.  I told you The Man Upstairs asked Granny to do that, then teach all of you.  Granny knew those people who had learned so much and paid attention with their learnin.; about the world they knew were saying things The Man Upstairs might say if He were standin' here and we know we can't see Him but He's everywhere we live and walk and learn."

"Haiti is a pretty place.  This Granny knows it well.  The people there are family of mine, of you and me and everyone in every place we go.  The Man Upstairs He knows they is hurtin' but He told us all in many ways to love our neighbors as ourselves, which means to care for them just like they were in Cloutierville today..Cause what we do can help or hurt our brothers and our sisters and the earth made for us all."

"So Granny listens to the wise ones who learn about our world, especially when they tell this Granny how to care for things and people that I love.  Granny pulls the weeds so flowers they can grow, and there is people who look at the world just like the gardens here and tell us of the kind of weeds that hurt and what we need to do.  Some of those weeds are in our hearts, some in the sky and earth.  We look for them and pull them out so they don't hurt what The Man Upstairs made and gave us all to love.  He's like the Big Boss at the factory in town.  He made that factory and put the folks in charge.  They knows what they got to do, but some of them don't care.  And that's how folks get hurt."

Carrie is lookin' up at me, her eyes are dry again.  " I think I know what I can do today.  I'll pick the rubbish up around Cloutierville with some of my good friends.  And I want to take some money from my piggy bank and send it to the children there in Haiti so they can have what they need.  "

My precious Carrie's sweet, sweet heart is filled with love today.  I knew she had her answers, just like everybody needs.  For years ago, this old woman's Granny held her in her arms and said what I share with family today, "Listen to the birds that sing and watch the flowers grow.  And listen to the people in your family who are listenin' in their special ways and learn different things that they can share with you. "

Those words stay with this Granny, and I hope they stay with you.

(Photo of Haiti: Wikimedia Commons)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

You learn more when you read what you don't like

"I hate those media people, Granny.  They don't know anything.   Billy tells me I should listen to him because he knows what's best."  And I tell my Gracie read everything, cause that's how we learn best in Cloutierville and everywhere there are books and things to read. And here's the reason why it's right and how you can learn most everything, not only what you like.

Now Granny knows no one has the kind of time where they read everything.  So we all are likely just to read the things that we believe.  Or we read those sentences at the top, and think that's all the story. But we learn more when we read more, even if that's little bits every day we can.  And we can read those little bits cause what Granny knows is her babies do just what they want to do, after they do their work.  So we play with games and tv time and don't take time to read.

When big folks just watch tv and play games or talk on the phone, their children see them doin' that, and it's what the children do.  Mommies and daddies are like pictures children love to watch.  They see what their parents do, and that is what they do.  Then they goes to school, and show their friends and laugh and play instead of listening to their teachers.  So they never learn much except what they want, and they don't find out what's goin' on in the world that could help them many ways.

Those media people, well they know what's happenin' around every tree and bush.  But they sees people not readin' anythin' except those sentences up top.  And they know that people readin' only what they want.  So that is what they write for us, just what we want. They make their sentences like what we want to read, and then when we read a little more, well those sentences might not be much like the rest of the story at all.  So when we read another story bout the same thing, then we get more of what is true and a story that's got more.

And sometimes when we read a bit and then read a bit more somewhere else, we find out we is not alone.  There is other people just like us and they get sad or happy too and things they need to know.  We put our brains together, and our babies learn and grow and make new things that keep us healthy and help us know the good and bad so we can sort things out.

Granny was a pecan picker but she read all the time. When she got done cookin', cleanin' and carin' for her babies, she would sit and read.  I didn't have much schoolin' but I found that I could learn and so I's learnin' all the time so I can care for all my babies all around the world.  And Granny needs your help, so she says don't read just what you like to read, read things that you don't like.  You'll learn about more things and from people you don't like, but that's the way to grow and be the helper to The Man Upstairs.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Not payin' what you owe breaks Rule #8

"Anybody who pays taxes is an idiot," he says.  And Granny wonders how many people think like that and break Rule #8.

Cecil makes his own money sellin' his melons and the things on his farm.  He makes a lot of things, and he goes from door to door so his neighbors get to buy.  He drives on the roads around Cloutierville; and he don't even live here, and goes to Natchitoches to pick up his supplies.  He drives all around these parts and other places too.  And he tells Granny that it's silly stuff to pay taxes, cause the government don't do much and nobody needs to pay them cause they is lazy folk.

"Rule #8 is there for us," I told Cecil today.  But he shakes his head and tells me, "You worked yourself, and don't tell me you paid your taxes on all that pecan pickin' you did."

Now Granny here got really mad cause no one is gonna say that this old lady steals.  Cause not payin' taxes, well that steals from you and me.  He ought to know that Granny would honor #8 just like she tells her babies all around the world.  Cause people in Cloutierville they pays their taxes and knows they should not steal.

We knows the crooks are in the government but some are like this Granny and all my neighbors here.  And Granny knows the children here, well they all go to school.  Cecil drives on roads in Louisiana, and people pay for them.  So everybody needs to pay, at least what's fair for them.  We know sometimes it's hard to tell what's fair and what is not, but we know too that rules are made for everyone, and we been told we gotta follow them, especially them that's been right there from many years ago.

Even them people who win Gold medals in the Olympics, they has to pay taxes on the money they win and even their medals too.  But they pay anyway, while some folks are tryin' to get the laws changed so people who win for their countries like that, might not have to pay those taxes.  Some taxes might not be so fair, but we pays them until we learn we don't have to anymore.

And Cecil says, "Them doctors.  I don't listen to them folk."  So he don't pay his doctor and his bills go on and on.  One day Granny's driving by his house all boarded up, cause the doctor got there first and then the tax man came and took the rest away.  And all because Cecil didn't learn Rule #8.

(Photo, wikimedia commons, The Tax Collector)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cloutierville trying to draft Granny for President of the United States

"Now you folks skeedaddle, " I told that crowd of people from Cloutierville lined up outside my door.  " I don't have time to run for President of the United States, because that's a very small job compared to the one I have to do."

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Granny's best lesson on what you need most

When I was just a little child a long, long time ago, I walked the paths of Cloutierville each and every day. I saw the flowers blooming, the houses, small and big, smelled the sweetness of the air and felt the beauty everywhere.  And from a life of work and worry, trials, pain and strife, this old woman learned what might make the earth bloom where you are and where your life may be.

Some people live in shacks in deserts far away.  Some families have but little that they own.  People hurt from wars and tribulations, but there's one thing we all have we may not use that makes us different from anything The Man Upstairs has made.  And if we use it, we can find our way to or through almost anything.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Granny speaks up for abused children and asks you for your help

"This sweet angel was looking forward to celebrating her birthday.  So that's what we're going to do.  Please bring bubbles that we will be sending to Heaven." Bonnie brought me somethin' from a place called Facebook, I need to share with you about a lovely child named Victoria who died so awfully it makes this old heart break, but there are things we all can do to stop these terrible things.
Every day a small child dies.  And every day I weep.   Children beaten, hurt and killed.  Children die in war.  And little ones get sick from workin' in the dust, from diseases we could cure.  This Granny sees a world of love and one that's filled with pain.  It's only we can change things so babies just have love, and Granny has a plan.